Why neither the active focus nor print-pushing might work for you

Either the active focus or print-pushing methods are the myopic defocus stimulus. Physiological reaction to such stimulus is being studied around the world now. We can find lots of articles googling for “myopic defocus”.

Given that myopia is mainly caused by axial elongation of eyes the science shows that this process can be slowed and even reversed.

Reading the articles I noticed that stronger stimulus leads to better improvements. For example, a +5.0 D lens has much more effect than a +3.0 D lens.

It seems that both the active focus and print-pushing methods provide a defocus stimulus equal to a fraction of dioptre. Hence their effect is negligible in most cases.

If you have no result trying these technics you should know that both of them have had no significant scientific evidence at all.

I see nobody cares about scientific evidence. How big your collection of “differentials” should be is the thing people prefer to think about :roll_eyes:

I made an account just to ask a question so at least i care haha, im new and still learning about rlm. If i understood correctly what you mean to say is that active focus has a miniscule effect and the biggest reason for reduction in axial lenth is by the use of differentials?