Where did you learn about the Reduced Lens Method?

Hello everyone! :hugs:

I was curious about how everyone here first learned about the Reduced Lens Method. For me it was when I visited the /r/myopia subreddit and saw some people talking about it. Researching further I happened on a few people describing their experience with this method on YouTube and started learning more about it on the Reduced Lens wiki.

What about you?

todd becker’s speech on youtube.


My first encounter with the idea was the /r/myopia subreddit’s wiki.

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My Anxiety told me about this, What I mean by that is, I started having Anxiety by thinking about my eyes, I went to the Ophthalmologist to get my eyes checked, He did said everything is fine but i have Myopia, I heard the word Myopia for the very first Time, I started searching up on google about it, then got to know Myopia is noy curable, I almost had a Heart Attack :laughing:, Then I started looking up in Public Q&A Websites, And Found Many people talking about their success with Reduced Lens, So I Did more research about it, I Found about Endmyopia and Reduced Lens, so I decided to Join in and it really helped me, Im just here since 3 months and I already see much better!

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