The Tape Rule - A way to tell glasses of the same frames apart

The Tape Rule

A way to tell glasses of the same frames apart.


The frames I ordered are the same and are clear. I made myself The Tape Rule to prevent avoid accidentally using the wrong glasses. This is important since distance glasses should not be used for close-up work. I put the tape on the left side arm and use clear tape so its not too obvious. This rule has been a great help and I haven’t had any issues with the tape.

The Rule: If it has tape, it may be used for close up work.

  • When wearing glasses it is easy to quickly check what I’m wearing. I just put my hand where the tape should be. It has a different texture than the arms, so if I don’t feel tape, I’m wearing normalized.
  • If the tape falls off, there won’t be any harm if I try to use them for distance. It would be obvious, I’d realize right away, and just put tape on them again.
  • To tell scripts apart, I have the glasses engraved when I order them. Otherwise, I could write on the tape, then cover it with another piece of tape so it doesn’t wear off.

This has been helpful for me and I hope it will be helpful to you.

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That’s great advice. :+1:I keep several Snellen charts in my home so I can easily check if I’m wearing differentials or normals.

I have four pairs of glasses with the same frame, I was planning on using that frame for all my reductions to avoid questions, but they are a bit uncomfortable. So I’m gonna try other models. I’m just gonna have to deal with people asking me about switching glasses all the time. I will keep the tape rule in mind, in case I find another frame that I want to order multiple pairs of.