The daily carrying of glasses

Carrying multiple pairs of glasses. Oh, the inconveinance.

I carry one lens case, one pair in the case and one on my face. That’s annoying enough (sadly bifocals aren’t worth getting because I need a single correction for work).
And… When I’m near a reduction, I find I’m excitable and want carry 3 pairs instead of 2 so I can check how close I am…

How do you do it? Do you have any tips or neat ways to carry your glasses?

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I just carry a case with my close-up glasses in my backpack.

I can definitely relate. Especially before I found the right normalized, I carried around a bunch of old glasses. I also have old sun glasses with prescriptions that I’m using. But I’m trying to keep things simple as I progress.

I’ve seen a case online that you can carry multiple glasses in… I think it was on Googles4u.