Stupid Lasik Errors Ever Seen? Please reply if you know a more stupid one

what is the most stupid lasik error you ever seen? I get one here

cite: 青岛半飞秒个性化激光近视手术失败-个人经历+法律途径维权 - 知乎
He or she didn’t understand what the “diopter” means. Assume a male. He had a failed surgery getting him more astigmatism and farsighted. Perhaps OK if he didn’t try to print push the possitive SPH away, which he did. Hahahahahha. Sorry for him, seriously.
By the way, he was told by the doctor he won’t be myopic for the rest his life. What a lie.

That’s quiet shocking. :open_mouth:

He won’t be myopic for the rest of his life? Isn’t that… you know… the point of this whole method?

what? I was saying that the doctor lied.