Stronger diffs, hope that helps

Seeing Gemly Mez’s videos about this topic. I think it is time to upper my game. I really hate the glasses and I get freak out every time I can not find my glasses. May the stronger diff helps(If it helps perhaps because of the distance). My left eye is still in its buggy place. It just refuses to respond. Also I didn’t get any newbie gains(Don’t sure that 0.5D less SPH together with 0.25D more CYL count or not, it doesn’t matter any way, too little to make a difference.). Perheps I am not over minused in the first place. Changing the habbits or who i am can be really difficult. I like longboarding and downhill skateboading, may that helps. And that may be the reason my right knee got hurt(I can not think of any other reason really :rofl:, it is getting better this year and I can skate again). Stop reading all the papers about myopia, I think it is not so simple as the researchers may expect.(Too many virables) And if there is thing many people are yelling that it is working why I have to figure another way out(especially all the researchers failed). And stop thinking about getting PRK, a terrible idea. I am always a little emotional and of course not helpful at all. :rofl:

Finally I found a manufactor that sells cheap lens with 59 abbe number at TaoBao. It helps, barely no longtitutional chrometic aberration at all. But the most annoying one, lateral chrometic aberration still exists. It feels my life is a living movie(all the chrometic abberation), hhhhh. :rofl:

Can you tell us a bit more about this particular lens that you bought?

Perhaps the same thing from zenni. Low index 1.50.

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Don’t feel alone. I didn’t have newbie gains either. I just improved by the expected rate of 0.25 diopters every 3 to 4 months. I’m currently using -3.00 equalized (no astigmatism) and also recently reduced my differentials to -1.25 (no astigmatism) I seem to have a cm measurement jump from that, which is good.

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