Newbie here making baby steps!

Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself :blush:. I’m Mathew, a 24-year-old from the US. I’ve been wearing glasses for quite a while now, with a prescription of -6.5 for both my spherical lenses and -3.25 for both my cylindrical lenses. I’ve never really questioned this, although I’ve occasionally wondered if I’d be stuck with glasses forever. The idea of LASIK and similar surgeries has crossed my mind a few times, but I’ve ultimately been deterred for various reasons, including financial constraints that will likely last for years.

For me, eyesight has become one of those intriguing subjects that seem like conspiracy theories at first but are actually supported by a substantial body of scientific and empirical evidence. While I may not be very active in posting here, I wanted to introduce myself just in case.

I started wearing differentials 3 months ago and got normalized glasses 2 months ago. Didn’t have much time unfortunately to do distance vision. Hope I can report back my first reduction in the next months! :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! Enjoy the journey, it’s so liberating to realise it’s not just something you have to be stuck with forever