My half year trial and error, mostly errors

Short story, i found the idea of reducing lens power and decided to give it a try. A month after that, i go to the optometrist and get my first pair 20/20 glasses(I used to wear 20/10 when i was -2.5, 20/15 or 20/18 when i got -0.5 astigmatism in both eyes.). One month later I got OD:-2.75 OS -3.0, I worn those for a week and found that those are horrible to wear since my 20/20 glasses should be OD,OS: -3.5 with -0.5 astigmatism correction in both eyes. Then somehow I got a pair of glasses OD:-3.25 OS: -3.0. I got super interest in the idea and do lots of print pushing and distant vision. During that month I got lots of headaches. Nevertheless, one month later I went to optometrist again. The result shows a trend that my eyes were getting better

This is the time things got wrong, I started to believe that I would get normal eyesight within a year. I got a pair glasses OD OS:-3.0 with no CYL. Another month later I got another pair OD OS:-2.75
with no CYL. Three months later I went to.the optometrist again my eyesight got worse Left eye -3.75x.75 changed to -4.0x.5(back to starting point), right eye has no measurable changes. That is whole story.

Thanks for sharing and documenting your experience! The important thing is that you know what you did wrong and it won’t affect your progress once you fix it. :smiley:

I have relatively high myopia (-5 … -6) and high astigmatism. I know that the numbers change if measured on the morning and evening the same day. I got prescriptions ranged from -5 to -6 depending on how hard my eyes worked, say, month before.

So, don’t trust just numbers. The situation may be much better.

Those devices has an incauracy, it could be 0.25 and sometimes even 0.5. So you you see difference 0.25 it could be that. So may be there was no progress.

How long do you print push every day? Do you feel something in your eyes?

Visual acuity is also important. Could be that diopters did not change but visual acuity improved. You can use Snellen chart at home to check your progress.

i am pretty sure about results, the problem i am trapped here.