Measuring script of glasses

Hello all!

I am very paranoid about receiving glasses with the wrong script in them. I had a personal account about 15 years ago where my eye doctor made my glasses wrong and would not admit it. After more than a month of fighting, I got a refund and got the same script made somewhere else without a problem.
When I get glasses made at the eye doctor now, I make them use their machine to read them and show me the read-out to verify the script. Doing the reduced lens method and ordering them online, I have to verify them myself. I am able to use the GlassesUSA app to do my close-ups as they are > -6.0. However, I won’t be able to with my reduced distance (because < -6.0). I was wondering if others have had issues, verify their glasses, or use other apps to check.


When you say “script of glasses” you mean determining what the corresponding prescription to those glasses is?

Yes, I mean the corresponding prescription of those glasses

I’ve tried one app but it was actually wrong. Tried several times but it always gave the wrong answer.

As for measuring with a machine, maybe you could go to an opthometrist and ask if they can check the prescpition, even if it’s bought online. You could try different ones, if there is several shops to choose from where you live.

I got my glasses measured at the hospital (I have amblyopia), it was nice to have their data to go from. But that was before I started this journey and I bought my glasses at a store. I just hope that the glasses I order online have the right prescription.

I’m interested in learning how to do this as well. So your question stimulated my curiosity and I found this device available on Ebay called a Lensmeter.

Here is a how to video from Youtube showing how to use it. You might be able to find a used one at a price you might be willing to pay. Not sure but thought I would share what I learned.