Me and my eyeballs

I first discovered the idea of lens reduction through EM around September 2020. After a bit of reading, I finally made my first reduction in February 2021. When I first started my journey, I was super invested in my eyesight. I still practice lens reduction, but I no longer overly obsessive about it, it just sits in the back of my mind.

Starting point
OD | -3.75 | -3.25 | 165
OS | -3.50 | -3.50 | 175

OD | -3.25 | -2.25 | 165
OS | -2.50 | -2.25 | 175

It doesn’t look like too much improvement, but I’d say this is as good as it gets, considering just how much astigmatism I’ve reduced. Either way, I’m hoping to be a bit more “active” with my eyesight and habits once again.



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That astigmatism reduction sure looks impressive! I would love to read what your strategy was like. Mostly swapping cylinder for spherical?

any improvement more than 0.5D is unlikely to be ciliary spasm. Perhaps AL. Very impressive.

I know this is super late but here ya go.

At first I made a few 0.25 reductions of CYL and I felt like it wasn’t much of a challenge. So then, I was planning on doing 0.5 reductions but with a 0.25 increase in SPH. This worked but it did end up being a bit more challenging to get used to so I just went back to 0.25 reductions.

Even though the “standard” is to do two SPH reductions and then one CYL reduction, I was just doing one SPH reduction and then one CYL reduction which could be why it seems like most of my improvement has been in CYL.

Overall, CYL reductions tend to be easier than SPH (so far) and I’m thinking I might have been way overprescribed in CYL from my last opto visit.

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Thanks for the followup! :slight_smile: