Lens complexity for differential

Ii want to made a new differential because I am doing little bit mistake in previous differential I had astigmatism and I am not replaced spherical at the place of cyl?
My question is according Jack you should remove all astigmatism if it is under 1 cyl but I had like Left 0.75cyl in one eye in other 1 cyl so I replace 1cyl by 0.5sph and 0.75 cyl with 0.25sph or (0.75cyl is calculated under 1 cyl so should I drop all astigmatism in .75 eye)

Please rate me on my current diff left -2.25sph and right -3sph

Normilize left -3.5sph -0.75cyl
Right -4sph -1 cyl

And please clear my doubt How much diff effect on my eye improvement journey if I do 2 to 4 hours distance vision and good close up habit like diff and day light

My mind is very trouble by diff I done my 90day culinary release and first reduction

Hi Ganesh,

Sorry to hear you messed up your previous differentials. I saw in discord you mentioned someone recommended them. You learned the hard way why we are so adamant about learning from the source materials directly instead of blindly asking for help, there’s people in discord that often give bad advice that goes against the wiki.

Please rate me on my current diff left -2.25sph and right -3sph

The Reduced Lens method is very much DIY/DYOR, and we generally try not to give diopter-specific advice. Your diffs are ultimately your responsibility, and yours alone. You’ll have to get comfortable making these decisions without second-guessing yourself or asking for help.

That being said, here’s some general advice I would give about buying diffs:

  1. Drop L and R by the same sph and cyl. Removing all cyl from both would necessitate a 1/8 change in diopter gap power which is not advised.
  2. In my experience, vertical and horizontal (close to 0/90/180) cyl axes are easier to drop than diagonal (close to 45/135) cyl axes.
  3. Anecdote: I dropped all cyl in my first diffs (0.75 in both eyes). I found the cyl difference to my norms to be very annoying after about a month, which prompted me to order new norms without cyl. Then I had to adjust to no cyl in norms, which I’m six months in and still experiencing side effects. If I could do it over again I’d probably drop less cyl in my first first diffs and approach reducing cyl more gradually. Although I’m glad my eyes have mostly adjusted to the lack of cyl now, as it should make future reductions easier.
  4. The power to drop should be calculated by how far you sit from your computer screen. If you sit X cm away, then calculate 100/X. For example if you sit 80cm away, then 100/80 = 1.25, so you would drop by 1.25D. Personally I’d round to a lower drop, so if you sit 75cm away, 100/75 = 1.33D, which I’d round to 1.25. The reasoning is that you want your computer screen within your blur horizon, and it’s better to start reduced lens as gradually as possible. Simply wearing diffs for the first time can have a big change on your vision. If you drop both sph and cyl, remember to divide cyl by 2 for the purposes of this calculation.

Read this page, and the “See Also” and “References” at the bottom: Close-up glasses - Reduced Lens Wiki

Best of luck!