Jeanna's Journey

Hello Everyone,

This is my 1st post here in the “Reduced Lens Forum”. I’m introducing myself. I’ve been wearing glasses for 41 years. My vision has continued to get worse. I had even worried about eventually going blind.

I’ve thought it should be possible for our vision to get better but wasn’t very optimistic that I could do it without having to stop working, stop living and becoming a EYE worshiper.

I had found the reduced lens method back in about Jun 2020. At that time I called my previous eye doctor to make and appointment so that I could have her current measurement of my eyes. My Lenses RX was the same (1st time Ever) as it was 2 yrs previous to that (2018).
OD -9.75 Sph / -4.0 Cyl;
OS -10.75 Sph / -3.25 Cyl

I was already doing some things to try and help my vision. It seemed like I was on the right track some. I had read about reduced lenses method in the past but never proceeded because I thought I needed to (1) convince my eye doc to write the reduced prescription and I wasn’t educated enough to know what I was really needing. Also, I usually had to pay over $300 - $590 each time I purchased glasses. So, (2) I didn’t think I could afford it.

So, now I just went to the eye doctor to get an update on what they thought my eyes needed and am beside myself with joy. The new RX as of 5/1/2024 (About 2 weeks ago). I received a new RX as follows:
OD -7.5 Sph / -3.25 Cyl
OS -8.25 Sph / -3.00 Cyl

I wanted to jump out of my skin. I’m sooooo excited. I have not been doing the Active Focus as I should. I have not been doing everything that I learned I should be doing and my vision still improved. My Astigmatism even went down and I wasn’t working on my astigmatism (knowingly).

I’ll take my improvements of (4 year time span)
OD drop of 2.25 Sph / .75 Cyl
OS drop of 2.5 Shp / .25 Cyl

Although I’m disappointed with myself with all the wasted time. Had I been doing things correctly who knows how much better it could have been. But I’m happy for the progress I made in spite of myself and it has given me a boost to refocus and work on this process.



Woah! Congratulations on your progress, Jeanna!

If it makes you feel any better, I kick myself for not giving it much thought too. I could have easily made it to 20/20 (a few times over) by now!

Also, thats an equavalent value of 2.625D worth of improvement in both eyes! They improved the same amount (sweet!) in their own ways.

Working out the math… it looks like you will only need three monocular reductions (but thats in theory). :relieved: I heard EM/RL people say those aren’t much fun… so you’re lucky.

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