Is the whole more than the sum of its parts?

  • When I test each eye separately line 20/20 is blurry. However, when I use both eyes together the line becomes clear. Has that happened to anyone else and is it normal?

  • Btw here is my prescription:

    • OD: -7.00 SPH, -0.75 CYL, 022 AXIS
    • OS: -6.25 SPH, -0.75 CYL, 167 AXIS
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Yes, It is normal, It happens usually when you hold it in position for a while. Maybe you have cleared up the image while each eye is trying to focus on a single point.

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this is normal, usually because you have some sort of astigmatism.

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The brain uses both eyes to see. If you cover one eye, does it fully block your vision?

The brain somehow interpolates and improves what you see.

I have strabismus and I’m happy to report the EM/RL method has been working for me so far. Strabismus is a condition where the images from each eye are not fused into one image and the picture from one eye or the other is ignored.

Yet, even with strabismus, I can also see the same effect you’re seeing somehow. :relieved: I’m guessing I see it to lesser degree, but I’m happy it’s something.

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