Improvements from -3.75 SPH and -3.50 CYL (2021)

05 January 2024
OD | -3.00 | -2.25 | 165
OS | -2.25 | -2.25 | 175

First reduction of the year has been successful so far! I did my zero diopter reset as usual and saw a bit less clear than I had been used to with my last norms. Once I got home from my walk, I checked my snellen. I was struggling a bit to see the 20/20 line, but I could see the 20/25 line just fine.

The shocking part was that my right eye was significantly better than my left eye. It’s been only 4 days now, but my right has been consistently seeing 20/20 albeit blurry at times (I guess closer to 20/25). This is without going outside, taking breaks from screens, or even patching.

Also, for some reason, I’m seeing a lot better in these norms than my previous ones (with a higher prescription). With my last norms, I could barely make out the 20/25 line and with these new ones I can read most of the 20/20 line! I’m thinking it has to do with the frames because my new ones sit at the highest part of my nose while my last frames couldn’t get that close.

One of the longest struggles I’ve had on my journey was my lagging right eye. It just wouldn’t catch up to my left eye at all! It would see 20/50 at best, while my left eye would always see 20/20 or better. Patching did help, especially when going on walks. I would be able to see 20/20 in my right eye after patching, but it would usually go back to 20/50 within a few hours.

As of today, my main issue is that my left eye now needs to catch up. This isn’t much of an issue, though, since I can start to close my diopter gap. Measuring my CMs should help to get an idea of when I’ll start to do it.

I have to admit, I lost the habit of measuring my CMs since December 2022… It was at a time when it felt like I had plateaued for most of the year, so it no longer felt useful. I’m hoping to pick it back up again so I can see what the gains are looking like :slight_smile:


Did you have an optometrist measured result? Especially with an autorefractor? That helps.

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Nope. Haven’t been to an opto since 2019. I’ve been looking for one though since my last opto retired. Since I stated RLM I haven’t had opto confirmation of improvement.

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OK, it is better to check it. I am pretty sure you must made some progress. But blur adaptation is unavoidable, sometimes it just unnecessary blur.

How much patching do you usually do per day? Do you wear a standard eyepatch? Just curious since I’m also dealing with a weaker eye that’s lagging behind :confused:

If I recall correctly, I believe the recommended amount of time for patching is about 15 minutes. Sometimes I’d do 30 minutes or more but I try not to do it for too long because my eye tends to start straining. I’ve done more close up than distance patching and I’ve found that distance patching is actually a lot more beneficial.

I don’t have an eyepatch but what I use is my cleaning cloth and put it over the lens for the stronger eye.


Late but thanks so much for your reply! I saw that your diopter gap has actually widened since you started RLM, did you make monocular drops in your stronger eye? I’m curious since in my current norms, my right eye (which also has a lower prescription) has almost no blur challenge whilst my left eye is struggling quite a bit. So I’m considering whether it’s a better idea to do a -0.25 drop in both eyes or just the right eye. Bit concerned that if I drop my left eye again, it will be too blurry and unable to improve. Curious to hear what your experience has been with reductions and a lagging eye :confused:

I actually did monocular increases in my weaker eye! I was thinking about doing reductions only in my stronger eye but I felt like that would just make my weaker eye plateau. My weaker eye wasn’t able to clear blur most of the time, so I wanted to increase to “remind” my eye of the clarity it should be seeing. Either way, my CMs were showing that I needed 0.5 more diopters than I had at that time so it felt like an increase was the right choice.

This isn’t advice, but if I were to go through the same thing again with one eye a lot weaker than the other, then I would do a monocular increase or decrease depending on what my eye needs.

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