I am new here and currently have -3.25 norms

I have joined maybe 10 minutes ago so I am very unfamiliar with the forum. But it seems easy enough to navigate

My eye measurements show about 28.5 CM in both eyes so I am approximately -3.5 diopters, but I have -3.25 as norms. In July, 2023, my CM measurements showed 26cm, which is over -3.75 diopters. It does indeed indicate that I have made some improvement. But now that it is cold outside, I’m now struggling to find motivation to go outside. And when I do, active focus isn’t as effective as it used to be, it only works sometimes. Maybe I still have some ciliary spasm?

Bro, I am at almost the same place. Even same trouble, too cold outside. Welcome!

I am also new, so I can not answer your questions. Be sure to join discord server lots of nice people here and I get some help from them, dont hesitate to ask.

My favorite outdoor activity for distance vision time is bicycling, which I dont do in the cold either.

I am fortunate that my workplace has a nice lobby with huge windows from which I can watch aircraft landing nearby.

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I have recently reduced my differentials to -1.25, and a few days ago I reduced my normalized to -3.00. I’m now feeling like I’m making a difference since my full -3.75 correction I had 6 months ago. I just measured at 30.5 cm both eyes, it was stuck at 28 for a month. And I just pushed for a reduction, and started going outside (I try for 1 to 2 hours) and now my CM measurements are going up. I do try to get distance vision at my workplace but since it’s cold outside, the heating just dries my eyes out. So I just have to bring eyedrops with me. But as soon as I step outside, active focus just starts working again

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The post above was made a few days after I reduced my normalized. Until, my right eye improved by a quarter diopter in a 15 day time frame (I must had more ciliary spasm release). And I have been using OD/OS -3.00/-2.75 for 7 weeks now. One week ago, I reduced my differentials (I call them nearsightedness extenders) to a -1. I’m now getting 32 cm in my left eye, and 34 cm in my right eye. It was 26 and 28cm in August, 2023. So 8 months now