High myope with amblyopia

I’m new to this forum and I thought I’d introduce myself. :slight_smile:

I started my RLM journey in december last year, with a -8 / -9 glasses prescription. I measured -8.61 and -9.55 with the autorefractor in november so my myopia was only getting worse. I also have lattice degeneration which really scares me.

I’ve improved much faster than I expected. I’m at -6.75 / -7.75 and I see very well with these glasses. I’m waiting for my next normals to arrive so I can reduce again… sometimes it seems like it takes forever for my Zenni glasses to arrive.

I live in the north of Sweden. I’m probably far from the regular person who tries to improve their vision. I’m disabled which means I spend a lot of time resting. But when I’m resting I listen to audio books while looking out the window and it actually seems to work. I wish I could go for long walks and do AF but I want to do this regardless of my disabilities. I’m glad I tried to find my own way and didn’t give up. It seems like a miracle that I’m able to improve my vision. I’ve had glasses since I was six years old and now I’m 33. I’ve been at a really bad place with my high myopia. I still am, I guess. But I’m getting better. :slight_smile:

I also have amblyopia which means I only see through one eye. The other one was shut off sometimes in my childhood. I am really envious of people with binocular vision, it seems like this journey would be so much easier with two eyes working together. I have to patch, patch, patch, or my amblyopic eye would still be at -9.5. Sometimes I feel like I have to do twice the work.

I haven’t really talked to anyone doing this that lives with amblyopia so I’m just educating myself, guessing and trying to do the best I can.

I was really happy when I found the forum. :slight_smile: It will be nice to have a place with like-minded people.


Hi and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Wow, that’s quiet an improvement! How long did it take you to reach that level? And I’m curious about amblyopia, how do you reduce your lenses with that condition?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I started out in december 2023. I didn’t think I would be one of those people that drop a whole diopter in the first 90 days, but I was. I tried to keep my expectations low so I was really surprised. I wear -6.5, -7.5 now and there is very little difference from my previous pair. I thought the blur horizon would be much more noticable after reducing. But maybe that changes as you progress from high to low myopia?

For me, my brain only uses my right eye to see. So I have to patch my good eye and get some distance vision for the left one. It seems to work. :slight_smile: I was scared I had to leave it behind, but it seems the method works for amblyopic eyes too, even if the process is a bit slower with the shut off eye. I only patch at home (looking out the window), I don’t know if I dare venture out where there’s traffic.

For some reason it’s much more effective to use AF with my amblyopic eye, so it’s more fun to use it, lol.

I haven’t really found any information about RLM and amblyopia so I’m just trying to make educated guesses.

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Thank you for sharing your journey thus far. Its awesome you’ve been able to improve your vision so much thus far - and from high myopia and limited options. It really shows what can be possible. I’m so excited and glad for you! Be sure to post a gains thread so we can all follow your journey and cheer for you.

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Thank you so much! I haven’t realized that it’s a lot of improvement, but I suppose it is. :slight_smile: I think my biggest challenge now is to be patient and not reduce too fast. I can definitely see why it’s so tempting.

I felt a bit embarassed talking about my disabilities but if it can help someone else in the same situation feel motivated I want to share my experiences. It can be done! :slight_smile: