Hello and thanks for the public forum!

I have been wearing glasses for about 30 years. As of this past December (2023):
Right. Sph: -6.5, Cyl: -1.0, Axis: 006
Left . Sph: -6.0, Cyl: -1.5, Axis: 153
Right Sph: -6.0
Left Sph: -6.0

I noticed last time at the eye doctor how worried he was about increasing my cyl until I mentioned buying contacts. After, he didn’t care anymore when he could sell me some daily use contacts for swimming. This made me question what was really needed. After using my contacts a few times a week without cyl for a few months, I noticed that a lot of the blur that I had before started to go away. This made me question if I could improve my eyes, and I started to search.

I have been researching methods to reduce my lens for over a month now. I have tried some of the Bates stuff first and it did help at least with my eye strain. I noticed that my eyes were very tight and they helped with that. I started measuring my cm myself. At the start, I was at 16.5-17.5 cm. Now I am closer to 17.5-22cm. This measurement is about the same for both eyes. So I am seeing improvement. I have been practicing active focus. I found print-pushing to be easier to start with than distance-pulling. However, it is getting easier for both now and more automatic.

I got my first pair of close-up glasses (diffs) about a week ago.
Close-up glasses:
Right: Sph -5.0, Cyl -1.0, Axis 006
Left: Sph -4.5, Cyl -1.5, Axis 153
They seem to help a lot with eye strain.

Looking forward to my first set of reduced-distance glasses.

I did have a question. I feel like the difference between my eyes in my prescribed glasses seems to be mostly trying to account for astigmatism (as my contacts are about the same (though the one might be more at 20/20 at -6.25 if they made them) and my cm measurements are about the same every time I measure (maybe 0-5mm off) . I know that the recommendation is to do 2 diopter drops before messing around with equaling eyes and worry about astigmatism later. However, I was wondering if others ran into this issue — that is the difference in eyes is really only because of the difference in astigmatism being dialed in. I was thinking of trying to equalize astigmatism by increasing sph to get the same — (similar to my contacts) as my move after 2 diopter drops.
E.g., Going from (after two diopter drops)s
Right. Sph: -6.0, Cyl: -1.0, Axis: 006
Left . Sph: -5.5, Cyl: -1.5, Axis: 153
Right. Sph -5.75, Cyy -1.0 Axis: 006
Left. Sph -5.5 , Cyl -1.0, Axis 153 (Reduction of .5 as .5cyl ~ .25 sph)
I know the general rule is to only play with one at a time, but I was wondering if others had success with it.


Also thank you for the public forum!
I feel that part of the reason this isn’t mainstream (as a science researcher myself at a university) is that too much of it is being hidden behind paywalls. This scares off researchers and doctors who might be interested in integrating it as they view it as a scam.