First time with glasses. Astigmatism

Hi, I just went to an optometrist a few weeks ago. I received a prescription of sph; re: PL le: -.25 cyl; re: -1.50 le: -2.00 axis; re: 175 le: 180.
I have only had my glasses for a few days now and while my visual clarity it’s much improved everything feels very distorted when moving my head or eyes. I never really felt like I needed glasses but I got my eyes checked because I noticed it being more difficult to read street signs and such than I remember in the past. Now that I have tried glasses I don’t really want to go back to my normal eyesight which feels like looking at 1080p vs 4k. While good, it doesn’t feel nearly as good as it can. I haven’t been able to tell if these reduced lens methods can actually fix/ improve just astigmatism as I don’t think I have myopia. I hope someone can offer some insight wether or not I should be trying to use a reduced prescription “normalization?” And active focus to work towards better eyesight.

If this prescription is quite different than your last, or if you’ve never had glasses before - yes, there may be some noticeable distortion.

I’ve experienced distortion before. I remember once I was overcorrected decades ago and it changed the world - not by clarity/va, but the distortion made it hard for me to know where the edge of the sidewalk I was standing on was. When my family went back to the office, we were told ‘it’s normal and will take time for the eyes to adjust’. Now I know what overcorrection is, I would have been insistent on a second exam by a different person free of charge. Ugh, coulda woulda, shoulda.

Do you have a snellen chart (printed to correct scale)? How does it look for you? How many lines are you able to see clearly enough to read it easily below the 20/20 line?