Does this practice cause floaters?

Hi. I’ve tried for years with endmyopia with no results. Never achieved the famous active focus. At least my myopia didn’t increase anymore.

I’ve read another book by an Italian author who has a slightly different approach than endmyopia, more scientific one (he cites a lot of experiments in which myopia was both caused and cured in animals).

His method is pretty much the same as endmyopia with the reduced lenses and the “Active focus” (he calls it defocus retinico) but he also says that we’re supposed to do these exercise after we have stretched our ocular muscles, otherwise it’s like trying to lift 100 kg on the bench press without being able to lift 60 kg before that. It makes perfect sense and I was ready to go on with the program.

But then online I’ve read that some people complain about getting floaters by doing these exercises. So I stopped.

Any experiences/thoughts on this? Did you get floaters by doing these practices?

Elaborate, floaters cant be caused by simple exercises

Maybe he refers to the well-known observation that many people starting the reduced lens method notice an increase in floaters. It’s not clear if it’s a side-effect of that method, or if it’s simply the change in the focal plane that makes these already existing floaters more noticeable when they would’ve been previously ignored by the visual cortex.

Its simply because they are more aware of their vision when doing RLM and they notice previously unnoticed floaters

The stretching exercises are mainly rotations of the eyes. So you rotate your eyes around the edges of your vision. And some people claim that the floaters appear/increase because by doing these rotations you break down the vitreous body, which is a gel and so get the white or black floaters floating around your eyes after part of the gel from the vitreous have disattached with the rotations.

I didn’t even try the rotations due to the fear of this happening.

No one?

Could you give the name?