Differentials or + glasses?

I am very confused about this. I understand that differentials are -glasses with very low diopters. But how are they different from +glasses when it comes to close-up visión?
I have a low myopia (sphere -0.75 / cylinder -1.25, according to my prescription) but sometime ago, I got +lenses for reading. I feel like I don’t need them anymore for close-up work, except when I am in front of my computer. My +glasses don’t work for that, but my -glasses do. So, I’m not sure what to do… should I use my -glasses for the computer or get stronger +glasses to look at the screen?
Please, help!

The answers are in the wiki.

  • Close-up glasses - Reduced Lens Wiki
  • Reduced distance glasses - Reduced Lens Wiki
  • Hyperopia is the opposite problem of myopia.
  • Plus lenses treat hyperopia.
  • Minus lenses treat myopia.
  • Below a certain negative diopter strength, you can consider using plus lenses to use your screen. Some people prefer them, some go without correction for near. Since the number of reduction for near work depends on the prefered distance of that object/point, there is no one size fits all.
  • Read for more information.

Consider reading everything you can on the ReducedLens wiki, Jake Steiner’s blog, medical studies, etc. before you start anything. You can damage your vision with the wrong lenses. Don’t do anything to your correction unless you know what you’re doing. Seek help from a vision professional, if needed.