Depression about my eyesight

Is it common that one feels depressed about one’s eyesight because of myopia and astigmatism(all sorts of refractive errors). I feel that, my VA sucks. I cannot see TV at a distance where i feel comfortable(the small texts are blurry, distance is about 5m). I dont see well close as well due to the astigmatism. And I am so skeptical about RLM, 0.5D could easily be just ciliary spasm and not any sustained result yet. Worst of all is that I have clear memories, 20/10 if not better. After years of higher education, all I get is 20/20 or 20/18, and it is not clear. Everytime i go the optometrist, i feel scared just looking at the eye chart, just because it is blurry(you get the idea). Before I know about RLM and all stuff about eyesight, I feel that LASIK is a cure. Now there is no way I am having that. Life just gets so complicate once you get myopic. :sob: And I really hate the distortion and chromatic abberation.

Same, i have Hard thiughts and…

It Is sad, my life Is ruined too