David -1.25, -1.25 (need help regarding progressive normalized?)


Introduction here along with a question I haven’t been able to find the answer to in any wiki.

I’m 30, got my glasses at 22, didn’t see the optometrist until 4 years later where he wanted to give me stronger glasses, I refused and kept my old ones until now 8 years later.

I’m currently working as a food courier delivering food by e-bike and so I’m constantly looking at the phone on the steering wheel for directions and address numbers etc. I always feel my eyes get worse at the end of a shift compared to before a shift which is quite frustrating to be honest.
When biking I’m not wearing glasses, but is required to do so while driving, they are progressive glasses (addition +50 +50) so when driving I can see far and near perfectly fine.

I have just ordered normalized glasses -1, -1, but my question regards whether it is better to get progressive normalized glasses for when im biking and looking far and near almost just as often because taking my normalized glass off 50 times or more in a day doesn’t seem practícal?
Any suggestion on how to tackle this since I will most likely keep this job for at least 6 months or perhaps longer…

Thanks in advance!


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