Close-up active focus?

I find close-up active focus more difficult than distance active focus. I’ve active focused in the distance many times and I have had one clear flash. I don’t think I’ve ever active focused close-up.

Has anyone else faced this? Any tips? Does the ability to active focus on stuff close-up improve as diopters decrease?

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I dont have any clear flash yet :rofl:

Close up seems to work okay for me. I noticed that the further something is, the easier it is to active focus on. That’s the way I prefer. Because close up doesn’t necessary improve your vision. It just keeps it from getting any worse

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Glad to hear it’s not just me. I have noticed af close-up while measuring recently. I think I didn’t notice it before because I’m nearly -6. I think that might be why.

It should be the same. It may be difficult if you have wrong glasses for close up. What refractometry results do you have and what glasses do you use for close up?