Buying lenses from AliExpress - my experience

First of all I’m really glad that there’s now a public forum for discussing everything related to the reduced lens method. I can’t stress how important it is for the mainstream adoption of that idea.

I wanted to start my first forum posting with a review. I decided to buy differentials after learning of the method, and after a little research it turned out that getting them from AliExpress was going to save me some money. I already had a pair of frames lying around for my previous glasses so I decided to just order the lenses only and have a local optician shop cut them and adjust them for my glasses.

Since my prescription is high (around -5 SPH and around -3 CYL) I decided to go with a 1.67 index lens. After searching for 1.67 single vision in AliExpress I stumbled upon this “BCLEAR Official Store”. They offered a pair of 1.67 index lenses for around 24$ at the time and they also charge 5$ for each lens with astigmatism correction higher than 2 (which unfortunately is my case for both eyes). But the cost went down now and seems to be just 18$ for the lenses. Anyway in total I paid 34$. The delivery was free but custom duties cost about 10$ in my country.

After proceeding with the order and paying it I messaged the store in AliExpress with my prescription, and he sent a confirmation later. This was the result after my lenses got cut:

While I was pretty happy with my experience, I need to add the caveat that the lens material that they use (according to their AliExpress listings details) could lead to thicker lenses even if the index is the same compared to better materials.


that is thinner than my -3.25. :rofl:

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Lens thinness isn’t just about the index but also crucially about the lens shape. Which lens shape do your glasses have?