Astigmatism Got worse

Idk what to do, im new. I Had 0,75 astigmatism for 6 years, now it chngefd and i Got 1,5. It Is hard to reađ even close. What should i do? I have -0,75 with -1,5 astigmatism and -1,75. Could i go -1 with 0,75 astigmatism or -1,25 with 0,75 astigmatism? Please help, im new and scared cuz it got worse…

Have you looked up the term transient astigmatism? Mine has gotten worse too, but if the cause is improving your eye sight, it will get better with time. But the advice is to stay on your current normalised until it goes away. If you keep on reducing, it will get worse. If I try on weaker pairs of glasses, the astigmatism is worse.

I also had 0 diopter of cyl that suddenly became -1.75 cyl. Do you know what may have caused this? I don’t use lenses do you? Does anybody know why this is the case.

As in just a year?

Could you describe what you did during that time? How much time passed? Did spherical part changed?