Aiming for no glasses by 40

Hey there! I have been doing a bunch of reading on reduced lens since summer of 2023. I worked on finding active focus first because i was skeptical. Well, I found it! and even without a pair of differentials, I started using active focus on distance vision with my full correction.

I noticed after a few weeks that clarity had improved on distance. Still without differentials, I paid more attention to my screen time, (yes using full distance lenses, eww!) taking frequent breaks to go walk laps around my office building.

These things made me at least much more happy with my current glasses for distance, as before they had crept into blur for reasons the wiki explains well.

Now I was convinced this was a feasible plan to actually do some good things for my eyes. I have worn glasses since 1997. For 20 years I continued getting stronger minus lenses, with around 80 percent of my current strength lenses occuring from close work reading for schoolwork AND I blame the Harry Potter books! LOL. When I graduated high school and went off to college (USA) I did much much less close reading, and my minus lens strength increases slowed considerably. Then around six years ago I made a fortunate decision to decline further increases. For the past six years I have held constant on my distance correction.

So here I am at my starting point for reducing my myopia. 26 years of glasses and contact lens wearing. I now only wear contacts if glasses are going to be a challenge, such as while doing mechanical repairs on my automobiles. During my last eye exam, I asked my doctor for “computer glasses”. Her formula for “computer glasses” is to remove 0.75 diopters from 20/20. I asked if we could instead tailor it to arms length, which I now know to be approximately 1.5 diopters. She told me she “knew what she was doing” and that if I had to sit too close to the screen that the lenses could be remade two times.

I relented and tried it her way. For information only, I am starting at -7.25L/-7.75R. So the computer glasses came in at -6.5L/-7.0R.

I will call the computer glasses my “half-diffs” :upside_down_face:

The first day I definitely struggled with distance blur on that strength. I wore the old pair for driving and the half-diffs all day for screen work. On the third day I noticed that things were really not that blurry at indoor distances inside my home, so I wore the half-diffs all day, except for driving. On day four I wore the half-diffs everywhere except driving. I wore them walking outside practicing active focus and by Day 5, I realized I had distance clarity!

The half-diffs have become my distance pair at this point. I have ordered a pair of differentials based on my reading and the starting point of the glasses formerly known as half-diffs.

I am convinced I have experienced newbie gains from discovering and removing overprescription. Who knows, maybe there is a touch more overprescription left to find in the coming months, but it is still a nice little encouragement bump to get started on my journey!


You have no astigmatism? Then that should make your reductions much easier.

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Oh fueck severe myopia

Okay well at least reduce by -2 for closeup also you should try to get rid of some of the gap

It will be easier to equalize during newbie gains rather than later on during the long haul

-1.5 redux means you have to be all the way at arm’s length and barely get any blur and soon they’ll be too strong already.

Also, you can reduce the distance ones a little and at least equalize somewhat if you don’t want to go to full equalization just yet

Also, measure your centipede and snellen in both the norms and diffs and I would say with actual eyes but bruh you’ll be at like 15cm and it will be hard to get accurate

So if you have a -4.5L -5R pair of diffs and it’s fully clear in each eye at 50cm, then obviously reduce your norms because 50cm is 2D and yeah just add 2 and then reduce from that

Okay so your right eye might start seeing better than the left like 54 so definitely reduce the right lens down to 4.75 for diffs. Btw this is all arbitrary numbers not specific diopter recommendations. Okay so like yeah though bruh just let it equalize. If your eyes are seeing the same with the right lens being stronger, then still reduce the right slightly so it has to actually try seeing better to match the left and then eventually reduce it another 0.25 faster then the left to make it fully even. Don’t wait a long time to equalize.

Also, use Zenni to get this stuff for cheap and also make sure you know what your PD value is

Also, get sports goggles instead of glasses since they don’t break or fall off.

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I technically have 0.25 Cyl in one eye, but I am going to treat that as none.

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I have precisely zero evidence but my theory is that since I wore contact lenses nearly exclusively, everything worsened in SPH evenly? take that with a whole block of salt…

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I have a good PD measurement from self measure and from eye exam. I am currently waiting on my first Zenni order. I already ordered diffs at 1.5 less minus but I did not allow any equalizing. I may plan on starting that when it is time to go for a new normalized power.

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Yeah well gl also if the 0.25 cyl is in the better sph eye then even more so just equalize but yeah Ig if you want just equalize both norms and diffs by 0.25 when you get new norms and then get new diffs ofc so they’re even and don’t equalize again until it’s fully clear in both eyes and you can do binocular in between

This isn’t always the case. At least not for me. I tried closing a gap of 0.5 diopters at my first couple of norms (this was in 2021) and it didn’t go as planned. I had the same correction for my left and right eye but my right eye actually needed more correction than the left. I had to increase for my right eye and the gap was now a 0.75 difference. Only now after two ish years I feel like I can successfully start to equalize.

Back then, I just wanted to equalize as quickly as possible. I was measuring and getting like a 10 cm difference between the left and right eye. I tried convincing myself that I would eventually get used to equalizing but I just plateaued.

Yes, some people can get away with equalizing at the start, but not everyone.

TLDR; pay attention to your CM measurements and snellen observations before equalizing.

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