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My name is Markiian. I’m from Lviv, Ukraine. 20 years old at the time of writing this; have been suffering from myopia since about the earliest age of conscience (3-5). Started at -2 and now I’m at -9 measured by contact lens spherical equivalent full correction.

Developed corneal astigmatism at 16. The reason is unknown, but I suspect jaw issues as well. I’ve been researching craniofacial growth, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, sleep breathing disorders, and their connection to eyesight in particular. I’m disappointed by the lack of data regarding these connections and now I have significant doubts about it just as the theory of gradual defocus shortening the axial length or inducing hyperopic shift in refraction.

It doesn’t work in my case but maybe because I keep my approach my “own”, for example omitting correction for significant astigmatism and occasionally allowing (very recently, due to lack of any evident progress) myself to use distance glasses for close-up vision. I also have latent strabismus (again possibly due to jaw issues and muscular patterns - check out PRI for this) which doesn’t let me gaze relaxed at far. That may be at fault for my lack of progress too.

I wish I could reduce my very high prescription to nearly -7 (I guess that’s where I developed an accommodative spasm), and maybe reduce the astigmatism too… But in the future (in case there’s no advance in understanding and treating myopia), I might benefit from ICL surgery which seems safer than any of the corneal refractive surgeries, in case the reduced lens could take a half-life to a meaningful prescription (or if axial length doesn’t really reduce and so is any associated risk). Sadly as humans, we sometimes need to compensate because we just don’t live infinitely.

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